The Cambridge Institute of Therapeutic Immunology and Infectious Disease

Contacting CITIID

Cambridge Institute of Therapeutic Immunology & Infectious Disease (CITIID)
Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre
Cambridge Biomedical Campus
University of Cambridge
Puddicombe Way

To contact the Director of CITIID, please email

To contact the CITIID Operations Manager, please email

To contact the CITIID Laboratory & Facilities Coordinator, please email

For information on the Department of Medicine, please follow this link

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Other information


For all enquiries pertaining to the School’s research activities, please contact the Research Governance Office by email on

Clinical School recruitment

For Clinical School recruitment please email

How we use information

For all Freedom of Information or Data Protection enquiries please visit the University of Cambridge Information Compliance website.

To find out more about how we use research participant information, there is medical research participant information guidance on the University of Cambridge Information Compliance website.

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